Defend your organization against highly targeted cyber attacks

Are you equipped to detect and respond to hands-on keyboard attackers in minutes?

F-Secure's Managed Detection and Response Services

Our purpose is to defend your business, whether you want to fully outsource, build your own threat hunting team, or respond to an active breach.

World-class threat hunters at your service

Partner with our world-class threat hunting team to navigate resource or skill shortages.

Detect and respond to targeted attacks in minutes

Our threat hunters are watching over your environment 24x7x365 to detect and stop attacks within minutes.

Outsource or up-skill detection & response capabilities

You can outsource detection and response completely, or work with our threat hunters to up-skill your own team’s capabilities.

Stop attacks before business impact

Human adversaries conducting live, hands-on keyboard attacks against your organization can be stopped in minutes with a managed detection and response service watching over your environment around-the-clock. The faster you can identify and contain suspicious activity, the smaller the damage to your business.

No matter where you are on your journey to secure your organization, F-Secure’s award-winning managed detection and response (MDR) services monitor your security status 24/7 and help you to stop even the most skilled human adversaries within minutes.

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