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Automated patch management of F-Secure Elements Endpoint Protection provides peace of mind for the consultancy and saves their customers’ time


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Founded in 1979, Howarth Litchfield’s reputation has been built on delivering worldclass architectural, interior design, surveying and management services. Howarth Litchfield Partnership’s professional and friendly team strive to be one of the finest architectural consultancy firms contributing to client success. They have won regional RICS awards for the last five years running.

Their need

Howarth Litchfield required a complete security solution to protect all of their confidential customer and employee data held on their systems. They needed a solution that, as well as protecting all of their PC’s and servers, was also cost effective.

Mark Short, senior technologist at Howarth Litchfield explains: “We review our security solutions and policy every year and during one review our IT partner, Transcendit, suggested that we look at F-Secure as an alternative solution due to its cost effectiveness and high performance” Mark continued, “F-Secure seemed to be able to do everything we wanted in a security solution and most of all provide us with that peace of mind, as a business, that our data is secure.”

The solution

Howarth Litchfield have since been using F-Secure business solutions for the past two years. They currently have F-Secure Elements Endpoint Protection, a complete business end-point security solution, which is managed in the cloud covering 33 of their workstations and servers. Mark confirmed, “We’ve been using F-Secure for over two years now and have been very happy and more importantly have had no issues in that time.”

F-Secure Elements Security Center allows easy access to reporting and provides a clear view of the devices, security profiles and security status. Howarth Litchfield use this each year to review their threat landscape. Mark explains: “I use the reports from time-to-time as it allows me to present the status of our company security to our board of directors. We can easily see where there have been vulnerabilities that have been quarantined and what’s been updated etcetera”

Software Updater is a popular feature included free within F-Secure Elements Endpoint Protection. It is automated patch management, patching over 2,500 commonly used business applications. These patches can be all automated, scheduled or patched manually via the portal. Mark described how Howarth Litchfield use Software Updater within their organisation: “I check the patches that are required within the portal and then push them out automatically to the relevant clients. It saves them having to do this themselves and me having to rely of them to do so. All in all, this feature provides me with peace of mind that our programs are up to date and limits the chance of human error.”

Key benefits

When we asked Howarth Litchfield about the key benefits of F-Secure Elements Endpoint Protection for them, Mark explained: “It’s click and go! Easy to use and was pretty quick to install at the time. It doesn’t bug our staff either, it runs quietly in the background and I have visibility of what it’s doing on the portal which is what you want really.”

Mark continued: “I suppose the main reason we’re happy with the solution though is that it’s doing its job. We haven’t had any viruses or malware the whole time we’ve been using F-Secure.”

When we asked if he’d be happy to recommend F-Secure to other businesses, Mark said: “Certainly. It’s the perfect solution for us.”

“F-Secure seemed to be able to do everything we wanted in a security solution and most of all provide us with that peace of mind, as a business, that our data is secure.”

Mark Short, Senior Technologist, Howarth Litchfield Partnership

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