Microsoft Exchange ProxyLogon:
The path beyond the patches

8 April 2021

11:00 UTC | 12:00 BST | 13:00 CEST | 14:00 EEST

Four recently-discovered vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Servers - known collectively as ProxyLogon - grant attackers high privilege access to organizations' environments.

Discover the key facts, takeaways and vital next steps for you and your organization. F-Secure recommends all organizations patch these vulnerabilities as a priority and investigates those systems for evidence of compromise.

These vulnerabilities - and exploitation of them by threat actors - have dominated the cyber security news cycle for weeks. F-Secure has observed widespread exploitation by multiple threat actors to steal data and install malware to gain further access to organizations’ networks.

In this webcast F-Secure will cover:

  • The latest updates on the evolving threats
  • Insights into exploitation activity observed by F-Secure
  • How to identify potential breaches and exploitation on your systems
  • Key takeaways for you and your organization

Patching will not remove prior compromises, but it will prevent future exploitation. It’s vital organizations find out if they have already been breached.

This access can enable threat actors to:

  • Access email accounts and data stored on these systems
  • Install additional malware to facilitate long-term access to the compromised environment
  • Access credentials to enable further access to the wider environment

F-Secure has observed instances of access being used to steal data, install crypto-mining software and ransomware.

Join our webcast to find out:

  • How to identify potential breaches and exploits
  • The latest updates on all four vulnerabilities and patches
  • The key questions your organization faces
  • Potential regulatory and business impact


Callum Roxan
Head of Threat Intelligence, F-Secure

Callum is the Head of Threat Intelligence with a history of responding to threat actors on the frontline in incident response, threat hunter and SOC analyst roles. Callum is passionate about all things security and has a wide range of experience delivering services and consultancy across a variety of industries.

Calvin Gan
Senior Manager, Tactical Defense Unit, F-Secure

Calvin is a security vulnerability expert and Tactical Defense Unit manager leading a team of technical analysts and researchers. Calvin and his team run the defense services that create the rules and detections that power F-Secure security products against new and emerging threats. He also researches the threat landscape and creates reports used by security experts across the globe.

Natalia Cerezo Martin
Director, Customer Engagement, Managed Detection & Response, F‑Secure

Natalia leads F-Secure’s Managed Detection and Response Customer Engagement function whose mission is to deliver an exceptional experience to our customers. She has a wealth of experience in growing high performing customer centric teams both in the cyber security industry and beyond. As part of the F-Secure team, she has recently worked on customer strategy & journey design and implementation within the managed services business.

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