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Disinformation campaigns - the truth about viral untruths

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

14:00 GMT | 15:00 CET | 16:00 EET

Join us for the live streaming on Nov 16, 2021
at 14:00 GMT | 15:00 CET | 16:00 EET. No registration needed.

Join three of F-Secure’s security experts to learn about the evolution of disinformation campaigns on social media and what to expect in the future. These white hat hackers have dug into how misinformation is distributed so that you can spot it more easily. They’ll show examples of how attackers plan and launch disinformation campaigns. They’ll also explain how disinformation’s inherent virality makes accelerating its spread even more of a problem than you might realize.

Topics covered

  • How social media has become a powerful force, shaping our view of the world and swaying our opinions
  • The elaborated impact disinformation campaigns may have
  • How easy it is to create fake personas and identities online
  • Show various disinformation campaign data and illustrate how simple manipulation techniques can be used to affect recommendations on a social network


Andrew Patel
Researcher, Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence, F-Secure

Andrew Patel is a researcher in F-Secure’s Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence. His current areas of interest in machine learning include natural language processing, reinforcement learning, genetic algorithms, AI ethics, and artificial life. He has conducted a great deal of research and programmatic analysis into disinformation on Twitter. He blogs occasionally, participates in academic collaboration, and shares plenty of random code on his github.

Laura Kankaala
Security Consultant, F-Secure Consulting

Laura Kankaala is a security consultant at F-Secure. As a white hat hacker, Laura uses her expert understanding of cyber security – particularly cloud security – to help organizations protect themselves. She also enjoys educating the public on stalkerware, digital privacy, and other security issues, and recently participated in “Team Whack” – a TV series documenting how hackers can infiltrate people’s lives.

Mikko Hypponen
Chief Research Officer, F‑Secure

Mikko Hyppönen is a global security expert who has worked at F-Secure since 1991. He has written about his research for the New York Times, Wired and Scientific American. Mikko was named among the 50 most important people on the web by PCWorld magazine and has been included in FP’s Top 100 Global Thinkers list. Last year he was selected as Cybersecurity Person of the Year by CISO MAG.

The webcast is hosted by our own

Janne Kauhanen
Host of Cyber Security Sauna - podcast

For the last decade, in his day job Janne has been helping F-Secure’s consulting clients find solutions for their information security issues, but he also occasionally transforms into the host of the Cyber Security Sauna podcast.

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