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Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security - Three Sides to the Story

Thursday, July 2, 2020

14:00 BST | 15:00 CEST | 16:00 EEST

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been touted as the “next big thing in cyber” for some time, even though the concept is as old as the first email viruses.

The hype around the technology, which started a few years back, was quickly amplified. But is the artificial intelligence hype bubble in cyber security deflating? Get an inside view into what artificial intelligence in cyber security really means.

Topic covered

  • Three perspectives into artificial intelligence and cyber security
  • How AI impacts the lives of cyber security professionals
  • How AI impacts users of cyber security solutions


Matti Aksela
Vice President, Artificial Intelligence

Matti Aksela heads the Artificial Intelligence Centre of Excellence at F-Secure, leading artificial intelligence research and implementation work and active collaboration with internal and external stakeholders in the domain. Prior to joining F-Secure, Matti has worked in various senior technical leadership roles and holds a doctorate in machine learning from the Helsinki University of Technology.