Fellowship stories

"My passion for security comes from understanding how things work, once you understand it, you can control it"

- Javier Moreno
Senior Security Consultant

"What makes this company such a great place to work is the fellows and belief that fellows are not just human resources"

As a marketing and PR person I am often asked, "Where does the ‘F' in our company name come from?" It doesn't stand for "Finland", the country in which the company was founded, as you might expect. I tell anyone who asks that it stands for "fellows", the word we use describe our co-workers.

- Karolina Malagocka
Senior Marketing Manager Italy, Poland, Portugal Spain

"I'm proud to be a part of the best team in the industry and I feel I have lots of freedom in my work"

At F-Secure we continuously innovate and improve ways of protecting organizations against malicious men, women and machines. I feel confident in selling our services.

- Jonas Lundberg
Region Head, Finland & Regional, Enterprise and Channel Sales Actions

"You are seen as a person – not defined by your task"

What I especially like in this company is the fact that you are not stacked in one place, not defined by your task. You are being listened to as a person.

- Michiel Visser
Head of IT for Business

"F-Secure thrives with change"

Whenever there is an opportunity to transform and do things differently, F-Secure will look for ways so that it can adapt to an ever-changing landscape.

- Christine Bejerasco
Vice President, Tactical Defense Unit

"It's all about 3 Fs: Fellowship, Freedom and Fun."

I've been quite a while in the company and worked in and with different teams and country offices. For last few years, I've had a honor and great pleasure to work with many colleagues to give a life to new products and technologies at F-Secure.

- Dmitriy Viktorov
Principal Architect, Cloud Solutions

"An international company with a motivating work environment and concrete, expert guidance from cyber security professionals."

When looking for my first-entry software development job, something struck me about F-Secure compared with other companies. F-Secure had always been a force of influence in my life and public appearances by Mikko and Erka, as well as my growing interest in cyber security made F-Secure feel like a good choice for me.

- Joel Lehtelä
Junior Developer (Oulu, Finland)

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