F-Secure Consulting Event

The Briefing, Copenhagen

Tuesday, 8 September 2020

12:00 - 16:00 CEST, followed by a drinks reception

Skt. Petri, Copenhagen, Denmark

Do you want to learn more about the Internet of things (IoT), cloud security, and how to build resilience? Register for our inaugural Briefing in Copenhagen.

Join us for a half day on September 8. The event will start with a light lunch, before leading into a series of research-led presentations. These will be followed by a drinks reception, providing opportunities to network with other security leaders and discuss security in-depth with our consultants.

Join us for a half day of talks where you can expect:

  • Technical and businessinsights
  • Practical recommendations
  • Trends in the cloud risk and threat landscape
  • How to secure connected devices in the IoT
  • How to secure connected devices (IOT), trends and weaknesses
  • Threat intelligence revealing the capabilities you need to maintain resilience
  • High-quality, insight-led content
  • An opportunity to consider new ways of thinking



12:00 Registration, sandwiches, and coffee
13:00 Welcome & Introduction
Erik Sørup Andersen will start the day off
13:20 The Cloud, with Nick Jones

The meteoric rise of the cloud within IT services over the past 10 years has seen organizations leap to take advantage of the many benefits such platforms offer. However, security teams often find themselves struggling to support a strategic shift into the cloud, due to the large technological changes that most cloud platforms bring compared to on-premise infrastructure. Using the experience he gained while working with a number of the world’s largest financial organisations, Nick will present his advice on the key security considerations to factor into a cloud migration program. He’ll also discuss how to provide effective security assurance at scale across large cloud estates, and how to perform effective attack detection within cloud environments.
14:00 BREAK
14:15 IoT, with Olle Segerdahl 

How do we secure all the connected devices that are being deployed all throughout society? Olle will give some examples of the challenges we face in a future where everything contains a small computer. Attendees will take home a better understanding of how every actor in the value chain has a part to play in ensuring secure use of connected devices as well as Olle’s ‘five commandments’ of IOT security.
14:50  BREAK
15:05 Rainbow teaming, with Tom Van de Wiele 

Cyber resilience against the most relevant attack scenarios aimed at your business doesn't come over night. It is a result of continuous planning, testing and improvement. It is a result of different processes working together in finding out what is considered critical within your business' activities, finding out what to protect first, and how and what attackers might be doing today and in the future.

But most organizations will not be ready to be able to respond to a major targeted attack. So where to start?

New levels of resilience can be achieved through rainbow teaming engagements incorporating the key aspects from purple teaming and red teaming exercises while making better defenders and communicators out of the blue teams and the management teams that support them. A walkthrough of the technical and people-led processes will be provided on where the majority of challenges lie with organizations trying to increase their cyber maturity and how they can be handled head-on by focusing on what matters from a threat intelligence based-perspective.
15:45 Q&A
16:00  Drinks reception


Nick Jones
Cloud Security Lead

Nick Jones is a senior security consultant at F-Secure Consulting, where he has delivered a range of assessment types for clients  for the past five years. Nick currently leads F-Secure's cloud security team, in addition to developing and delivering attack detection services. His research time is spent developing tools and techniques for assessing, exploiting and defending cloud deployments. Nick currently holds AWS Certified Security Specialty and OSCP certifications.


Olle Segerdahl 
Principal Security Consultant, F-Secure 

Olle is currently a Principal Consultant with F-Secure Consulting where he leads a team of technical security consultants in Sweden. He is a veteran of the IT security industry, having been "breaking" and "building" security solutions for more than 20 years. During that time, he has worked on securing classified systems, critical infrastructure and cryptographic products as well as building software whitelisting solutions used by industrial robots and medical equipment. 

Tom Van de Wiele 
Principal Security Consultant, F-Secure 

Tom Van de Wiele is Principal Cyber Security Consultant at F-Secure with nearly 20 years of experience in information security. He specializes in red team operations and targeted penetration testing for the financial, gaming and service industries. When not breaking into banks, Tom acts as an adviser on topics such as critical infrastructure and IoT as well as incident response and cyber crime.


Date: 8 September 2020

Time: 12.00 - 16.00 with drinks after 

Location: Skt Petri, Krystalgade 22, 1172 København, Danmark

You will not be permitted entry unless we have confirmed your registration

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