From next-gen to cognitive endpoint security

What's the deal with next-gen technologies?

Our endpoint security products have been utilizing next-generation technologies – such as behavioral analysis and machine learning – for a decade already. Over the years, our products have developed further to offer several state-of-the-art technologies to keep your business safe.

Our behavior-based protection engine, DeepGuard, is one of the key security elements in our business security software. Combined with the power of F-Secure Security Cloud, which tracks malware behavior globally, it gives our customers consistent security against new and emerging threats.

There's no “silver bullet” technology

To us, modern endpoint protection is much more than some individual next-gen technologies. Our solutions are built from several layers that enhance each other. They include capabilities such as integrated patch management – making sure you are efficiently and easily covered against known vulnerabilities – and additional security features such as Connection Control or Botnet Blocker which guarantee even safer online working.

Even the best technology alone is not enough

With the rapidly changing threat landscape, technology alone – neither traditional nor next-gen – cannot win the race against modern cyber criminals. That's why you need a cognitive endpoint security solution – one where the best cyber security experts train the products through machine learning to understand and learn about constantly evolving threats. It's why we relentlessly study the threat landscape and have the best human experts who analyze hacker tactics and the motives behind cyber-attacks. That knowledge is then incorporated into our products to toughen up our defenses against any potential threat.

Streamlined cloud-based security or comprehensive onsite security management?

F-Secure Protection Service for Business

Cloud-hosted, advanced multi-endpoint security solution with streamlined central management.

F-Secure Business Suite

Onsite hosted, scalable security for full control and advanced central management.