The CISOs' new dawn



An independent research study by Omnisperience for F‑Secure Countercept


For many organizations faced with an abrupt, urgent need to send their workforce to be productive from home in 2020, the CISO and their team became unlikely – or perhaps overdue – heroes.

Cyber stopped being 'just' about preventing bad things: cyber security has helped companies survive, sometimes even thrive, by equipping their organizations with the tools needed to stay productive under extraordinary conditions.

In mid-2020, F-Secure Countercept asked Omnisperience to talk to CISOs around the world about their roles. What follows – the output of these conversations – is an unfiltered response direct from 28 senior information security officers in the US, UK and Europe.

Each respondent took part in a lengthy qualitative interview covering their challenges, hopes, fears and plans. The insights they freely shared paint a portrait of a group of experts getting to grips with immediate problems – and coming to terms with the rapid development of a role that is only 27 years old.

Chapter #1

An effective security leader

Our panel's most pressing priorities over the last 18 months

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Chapter #2

A reality check

With great power comes great responsibility - and a to-do list

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Chapter #3

The cyber threat surface

What adversaries are up to, and what keeps CISOs awake at night

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Chapter #4

Cyber triggers influence change

Evolving threats force change on companies and CISOs

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