Threat Description

Void Poem


Aliases: Void Poem
Category: Malware
Type: Virus
Platform: W32


A strange is encrypted, and contains the following poem:

  Void - Composed by Marvin Giskard for T
      In a field a million buds stood,
    Over them a million days came - a day a bud -
    opening up one by one with their directed light.
      But one didn't do as others did,
    It waited for only your loving rays to shine upon it
    to open its pedals revealing the pure beauty of its sincere love.
      Never being unfaithful to its dream of the day of your light,
    Forced to resist any other light but yours - because of it -
    until the day the brilliance of your life sustaining light shines
    it will be there : wanting, wishing, waiting.
      Many were the buds you rather shined upon
    opening them - revealing their phony colours.
      I willed your light onto me but others you tried instead,
    No subtle motion reached you,
    still I refused other's light - holding out for you -
      Even when your light will fade,
    Not having found one to do your light justice,
    mine will still be there : wanting, wishing, waiting.


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