Threat Description



Aliases: VBSWG.N@mm
Category: Malware
Type: Worm
Platform: VBS


On February 20th, this variant of VBS/VBSWG has been found from the field. This variant is not encrypted.


Automatic Disinfection

Allow F-Secure Anti-Virus to disinfect the relevant files.

For more general information on disinfection, please see Removal Instructions.

Technical Details

It spreads in messages with the following content:

  Subject:    Fw: FYI

  Body:       ---------- Forwarded message ----------

     Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 16:21:42 -0800
    From: Mohammed Baget <>
    To: Eugene Spafford <>
    Cc: Mark Sawyer <>

  Subject: Fw: New bud commercial!


  Here's the new budweiser commercial as promised..

  - mb

   Mohammed Baget
    Head of Communications
    Budweiser USA

 Attachment: budweiser-commercial-spring2001.mpeg.vbs

The attachent size about 3.2MB. When it is executed, the worm alters the Internet Explorer start page to point to an adult site. It also modifies the registry in such way that the worm will be executed every time when the system is restarted.

Next the worm sends itself to all recipients in every address book and adds a key to the registry:

  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\SP4F\mailog = "1"

This registry key is used as a marker, so the mass mailing will be done only once.

Information about the original VBS/Onthefly.A (also known as I-Worm.Lee.o and VBS/VBSWG) is available at:

Description Created: Analysis: Katrin Tocheva and Sami Rautiainen, F-Secure; February 2001


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