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Small.EJK is a trojan-downloader that is included in a spam run in Germany.

Disinfection & Removal

Automatic Disinfection

Allow F-Secure Anti-Virus to disinfect the relevant files.

For more general information on disinfection, please see Removal Instructions.

Technical Details

Small.EJK is a trojan-downloader that is included in a spam run in Germany.A sample mail is as follows:

Upon execution, it downloads a trojan-spy from a remote addresses on the web using the following script:

  • http://marketing-know-how.com/[REMOVED]/get_exe.php
  • http://tncmhg.com/images/[REMOVED]/get_exe.php
  • http://www.eurowing.us/[REMOVED]/get_exe.php
  • http://www.thaitradeshow.com/images/[REMOVED]/get_exe.php

An earlier version of the downloaded trojan was detected as Trojan-Spy.Win32.BZub.IJ. This was later changed/modified most probably by the author(s). The updated copy is now detected as Trojan-Spy:W32/BZub.IK.

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