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Skulls.R is a combination of several previous Skulls variants. Skulls.R contains component files from Skulls.A and Skulls.B. Skulls.R also drops SymbOS/Mabir.A in to the device.

Disinfection & Removal

Disinfection with two Series 60 phones

Download F-Skulls tool from our FTP server to your computer or to a clean phone, then:

  • 1. Install F-Skulls.sis into infected phones memory card with a clean phone
  • 2. Put the memory card with F-Skulls into infected phone
  • 3. The F-Skulls starts automatically upon insertion and frees menu and application manager
  • 4. Go to application manager and uninstall the SIS file in which you installed the Skulls.R
  • 5. Download and install F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus to remove other malware dropped by the Skulls.R, or download directly onto the mobile phone itself
  • 6. Remove the F-Skulls with application manager as the phone is now cleaned

Technical Details

Spreading in: Excellent_Theme_2005.sis


Generic detection that detects Skulls.R was published for F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus on December 13th, 2004 in

Detection Type: Mobile
Database: database build number 15

Description Created: Jarno Niemela October 4th, 2005;

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