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A trojan, or trojan horse, is a seemingly legitimate program which secretly performs other, usually malicious, functions. It is usually user-initiated and does not replicate.

Disinfection & Removal

Automatic Disinfection

Allow F-Secure Anti-Virus to disinfect the relevant files.

For more general information on disinfection, please see Removal Instructions.

Technical Details

Rogue:W32/DotTorrent.A identifies a trojan which displays fake messages indicating an "Antipiracy foundation scanner" has discovered torrent files on the computer violating the copyright of the file's respective owners. This is an attempt to frighten the user into paying money to a (fictional) organization, ICPP, supposedly to pay for the copyright violation fine and for a 'legal license purchase'.

The trojan's extortion scheme qualifies this malicious program as a type of Ransomware.

DotTorrent's activities are more thoroughly discussed in the following F-Secure Labs blogpost:


On execution, the trojan displays a message box that purports to be a 'copyright violation alert':

The user is then directed to a website where payment may be made for the alleged violation.

Submit a sample

Wondering if a file or URL is malicious? Submit a sample to our Lab for analysis via the Sample Analysis System (SAS)

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