Threat Description



Category: Malware
Platform: W32


This is a hoax about a non-existant new virus for Windows 98. Ignore it.


Again, do not distribute this hoax further.

Technical Details

Below is an example of the hoax:

As you know, the world of computers is becoming more complex every minute
 with new technologies arising all of the time.  Unfortunately, some of
 this technology can be used against us.  According to McAfee Associates
 and Symantec officials, there has been a new virus that has been
According to them, the current virus detection and removal software
 that they sell CANNOT detect this virus on systems running Windows 98.
 This is due to Windows 98's new memory management system features.
According to McAfee Associates, this virus was written in the Assembly
 language, and loads itself in to the system's upper memory.  Because of a
 flaw in the Windows 98 Memory Management System, MMS, this virus can load
 itself into a part of the upper memory block which cannot be accessed or
 scanned by either McAfee ViruScan, or Symantec's Norton Anti-Virus.
 Other virus protection utilities have not reported such errors, and have
 not been tested either.
Microsoft is aware of this error and is currently working on a patch.
 Unfortunately, users with Windows 98 already installed have no choice but
 to continue running the OS and can only hope that this virus does not
 attack their system.
It is believed that a person with access to Microsoft's source code may
 have written this virus, or leaked out the source code to somebody else,
 who wrote the virus.
The characteristics of the Memphis.98.MMS are not full known, but
 certain characteristics are.
 OS: Windows 98 (4.10.1998)
 Memory Resistant: Yes
 Polymorphic: Yes
 Repairable: No
 Encrypted: No
 Infects: Floppy\Boot records
 All EXE files that are ran while virus is
 in memory
 Origin: Unknown
 Virus Size: Unknown
 Actions: The Memphis.98.MMS virus performs
 several actions while active, including:
 Slow disk I/O, spontaneous rebooting and
 monitor "flickering".  Also, you may receive a
 Windows error which says:  "Error in MMS.
 Please reboot and retry.  If this error
 continues to occur, please contact
 Micros0ft, and report the
 Memphis.98.M MS error.  Thank you,
 and enjoy Windows98."
 Extras: You may notice the zero, 0,
 instead of an o in Micros0ft, which
 indicates that this is a malicious program.
The origin of the virus is unknown, but is believed to be written in
 the western United States, because that was where the first bunch of
 virus activity were reported.  One of the most mysterious characteristics
 of this virus is that it does not affect any Microsoft applications, such
 as MS Visual C++, VB, J++, Office97, Flight Sim, Frontpage97, Internet
 Explorer, and any other Microsoft product.
It is believed that there may be more variations of the virus.

 Please send an e-mail to if you detect any strange
 virus like activity or any more information about virus.  Also, please
 e-mail if you suspect that there is a new virus that people do not know


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