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Category: Malware
Platform: W32


For background information on Word macro viruses, see the Concept virus.

WordMacro/Bandung consists of six macros; AutoExec, AutoOpen, FileSave, FileSaveAs, ToolsMacro, ToolsCustomize. The virus is language dependent, ie. it is able to spread only under English version of Microsoft Word. The macros are not encrypted, but they can NOT be viewed from the Tools/Macro menu, since the virus replaces that menu command with it's own macro.

After the 19th of every month, when the time is after 10:00, the virus actives. At this time, it displays a dialog which says:

  Reading menu...Please wait !

After this the virus deletes most of the files on drive C: and creates a file called C:\PESAN.TXT with the following texts in it:

  Anda rupanya sedang sial, semua file di mesin ini kecuali yang berada
  di direktori WINDOWS dan WINWORD telah hilang, jangan kaget, ini
  bukan ulah Anda, tapi ini hasil pekerjaan saya...Barang siapa yang
  berhasil menemukan cara menangkal virus ini, saya aka" + "n memberi
  listing virus ini untuk Anda !!! Dan tentu saja saya akan terus
  datang kesini untuk memberi Anda salam dengan virus-virus terbaru
  dari saya...selamat ! Bandung, Tueday, 26 November 1996, Jam: 11:24.

This text is in Indonesian. In english it reads:

  It seems that you are having bad luck, all files in this machine
  except those in WINDOWS and WINWORD directories have been lost.
  Don't be surprised, it's not caused by your work, but mine... I will
  send the listing of this virus to whoever successfully creates the
  antivirus for it!!! And of course I will keep coming here to greet
  you with my newest viruses. Congratulations! Bandung, Tuesday,
  November 26, 1996, 11:24 AM.

The virus also has code to replace all 'a' letters in the current document with this string: '#@'.

The virus might have been written by the same author as the Npad virus.

In addition to being in the wild in Asia, Bandung was found also in Norway in November 1996.


Automatic action

Once detected, the F-Secure security product will automatically disinfect the suspect file by either deleting it or renaming it.


You may wish to refer to the Support Community for further assistance. You may also refer to General Removal Instructions for a general guide on alternative disinfection actions.

Description Created: Mikko Hypponen, F-Secure,Translation: Iwan Muljadani (


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