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Senaste nyheterna

Kids love tablets – this is how you protect them

Already in December 2012, more tablets than PCs were sold in Sweden*. Many users also think that tablets are safer to use than a PC. But as the Android operating system grows, so does the number of virus attacks.

- Tablets are often the first contact children have with the internet, so for us it is important that Tablet Security helps parents protect their children. It is a mobile gadget that you happily carry with you, and therefore we have also made sure to protect your information if your tablet is lost or stolen, says Johan Jarl, security expert at F-Secure.

Tablets are so user friendly that it’s often the children who use them the most. They are great tools, both for teaching and entertaining. But tablets are often connected to the internet and all that can be accessed from a computer is also available on a tablet. This includes both sites with content that is inappropriate for children, and websites that spread malware. Tablet Security's parental control functionality can filter out unwanted content, block unwanted web sites, control which apps your kids can use, and when they can use the tablet.

A tablet is often used to store personal content, such as e-mails and photos. But it is easier to misplace than a PC. It is also more attractive to thieves. Tablet Security makes it possible to lock a tablet by sending a sms, and to locate a lost device.

- More than three out of four attacks against Android devices are done to make money. Common methods include exposing the user to unwanted advertisements, and more serious intrusions where banking trojans are used to access the user's account information, says Johan Jarl.

Tablet Security keeps your tablet free from viruses, malware and questionable apps, so users can shop, bank and surf safely.

F-Secure Tablet Security, for tablets that use Android is available in Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fsecure.tablet.security

* According to research company Gfk, which measures sales monthly. In December 2012, 196.000 tablets and 164.000 PCs were sold.

For more information, please contact:

Johan Jarl, security expert, F-Secure
Mobile: +46-708-71 40 16
Mail: johan.jarl@f-secure.com

F-Secure is a global company with headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. Since its start in 1988, F-Secure has been a pioneer in the IT security industry and today ensures that both individuals and businesses are protected and safe online, whether using a PC, Mac, tablet or a Smartphone. F-Secure’s services are available through thousands of retailers and over 200 telecom operators around the world, and are used in millions of homes and businesses. The company currently operates in over 100 countries.