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Dunkel GmbH - Chose F-Secure for its exceptionally fast virus pattern updates

Customer: Dunkel GmbH



Industry: Managed Security und Hosting Service Provider
System Platform:  Linux

Founded in 1984, Dunkel makes IT infrastructures secure and highly available and supports enterprises with innovative managed security and hosting services. The company offers products and services that protect business email and networks as well as solutions for a safe connection of remote and mobile workplaces. Dunkel is furthermore specialized in providing secure hosting services and highly available infrastructures for web applications. Their VMware Managed Hosting and Virtual Data Center services can be configured according to individual requirements and serve particularly the needs of small and medium sized enterprises.

The Requirement

When their mail servers became flooded by mail worms and spam waves, companies searched for a solution that could relieve them from the mail load impairing their regular email communication. That is why internet security provider Dunkel decided to offer virus protection not just as an in-house installation, but also as a managed security service.

Dunkel Mail Security Service had to fulfill two main requirements: First, the service had to be based on a scalable and highly available infrastructure that could cope with peaks in mail traffic at all times. Second, the service should rely on virus scanners that could provide additional customer benefits in terms of security and availability compared to in-house gateway solutions. Dunkel was looking for an experienced supplier and technology leader and F-Secure met this criteria.

The Solution

In order to find the best scan engines, products from various producers were examined in detail for their detection and pattern update rates. Since F-Secure products have been in the company portfolio for more than ten years already, F-Secure Anti-Virus was short-listed as well. The tests with a wide range of viruses, worms, trojans and other malware at Dunkel’s own test lab were convincing and F-Secure Anti-Virus was included in the new Mail Security Service that combines the best scan engines of several vendors. The service will check all incoming email and reliably block viruses and other malware before they even reach the mail servers of the customers. Dunkel provides online statistics that show each customer how much malware and spam was repelled and which viruses could be stopped.

The Result

Setting up Dunkel Mail Security Service is very easy. For activation customers only have to change the MX record of their DNS. No installations or other adjustments of any kind are required. Incoming email will then be routed first to the security systems of Dunkel. Only email that is free of any malware will be passed on to the customer’s mail server. The service does not just stop known viruses but also includes pattern detection methods to identify new malware before corresponding pattern updates are available. Dunkel Mail Security additionally provides a very reliable spam protection that effectively repels more than 99 percent of all spam mail before even accepted by the mail server. As a result the customer’s network is protected against the full range of email-based threats and their mail infrastructure is relieved from the needless mail load caused by spam and mail bombing. They also benefit from the highly available infrastructure Dunkel utilizes for its security service. The dynamically scalable server farm is hosted at two modern data centers in Frankfurt/Main with global load balancing and redundant Internet connection.

Security as a Service Saves Time and Money

Companies that lease software or rent a service expect non-stop availability and problem-free usage right from the start. Managed security has a lot to do with trust. Customers are effectively paying in advance with the expectation that the service provider can really deliver what he promised. F-Secure has been offering virus protection in the 'Security as a Service’ lease model for several years. For service providers such as Dunkel, F-Secure offers a convenient and flexible licensing model. You only pay for what you use. Dunkel passes this price advantage directly on to its customers. They benefit from a centralized managed service that delivers up-to date content security cost-efficiently. Accordingly, Dunkel Mail Security customers can focus on their core business without having to worry about the failure of critical business systems. In addition, they save the costs for hardware and software as well as the administrative expenses.

Download the case study as PDF: