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Lighter is faster, faster is safer


F-Secure’s renewed business solutions portfolio is stronger than ever. The combination of technological innovation, major performance improvements and the refinement of F-Secure’s forward-looking business model has produced an industry-leading set of business security solutions.

Simpler. Lighter. Safer. These three objectives drive the development of F-Secure’s business solutions. The quest to improve our security solutions on all three fronts is the foundation for our success in the marketplace.

Security is paramount for business but it should not come at the cost of usability. We believe that a few minutes spent daily on security should be enough for most businesses and security solutions should not impact on computer performance any more than necessary.

These are ambitious objectives. The exponential growth of malware shows no sign of slowing down and criminals are constantly devising new, often highly targeted attacks against businesses. Yet we are confident that our security solutions are now better equipped to face these challenges than ever, so you can fully focus on your business.

Simpler solutions for complex threats

How has F-Secure responded to the increasingly complex threat landscape? Our solutions work quietly in the background, letting you concentrate on what’s essential to you. They don’t scream for attention and demand instant decisions on obscure security matters, for which the end user often does not have the answer.

“Some choices can be difficult for businesses but choosing a security solution should be easy. Simply subscribe to Protection Service for Business, our Security as a Service solution, and your business is protected 24h a day,” says Maria Nordgren, Vice-President for F-Secure’s Corporate Business. Protection Service for Business is a turnkey security solution for a companies that prefer to be served by a trusted local partner, rather than managing IT security issues in-house.

For companies that prefer to manage their own IT security, the F-Secure Business Suite with Policy Manager is the perfect solution. It includes the security essentials for companies of all sizes and is easy to buy, manage and maintain.

Lighter solutions boost productivity

The time spent waiting for computers to boot up and for antivirus updates to install is clearly time that could be used more productively. This is why F-Secure is committed to delivering outstanding performance – without compromising on security.

The products in our renewed business portfolio have a smaller overall system impact, use less memory resources, and scan faster than ever. Automatic channel upgrades means less work for IT administrators and guarantee the user always has the best possible protection available. The result: a faster and smoother experience for the end user and higher productivity for your company.

Recent results from prove that F-Secure’s security solutions have a negligible system impact but are blazing fast and highly accurate in protecting against all Internet threats. In the WorldBench test, an industry-recognized performance test that simulates real-world computer usage, F-Secure’s product affects performance by only 3.6% compared to a completely unprotected computer. The industry average impact is 11.1%, proving that F-Secure’s customers enjoy better productivity while staying fully protected.

Safer solutions save money

How much does it cost if your business stops for a day? Recovering from a security incident and cleaning up infected company IT infrastructure is an expensive and time-consuming effort. Prevention is better than a cure.

For F-Secure, being safer means detecting malware more accurately and blocking new threats proactively; providing a maximum level of protection with high performance. Over the past 20 years, F-Secure has established a global reputation for the speed and quality of its response to global worm and virus outbreaks.

“Technological innovation and security expertise has always been in F-Secure’s company DNA. Our latest industry first is the Exploit Shield which gives protection against so-called zero-day attacks, where criminals try to exploit the security holes found in software before they are patched by the software vendors,” says Mikko Hyppönen, Chief Research Officer at F-Secure.

For example, the “Aurora” Internet Explorer exploit, which became public in January 2010, was used by criminals to attack Google, Adobe and other major companies. F-Secure’s Exploit Shield was able to block Aurora proactively, even before any attacks were made. Exploit Shield also instantly reports new exploits and websites spreading drive-by downloads to F-Secure’s real-time protection network. As a result, all F-Secure customers around the world benefit from better protection.

The Cloud helps the community

In recent years there has been a great deal of talk about cloud computing. For us the Cloud is an enabler, which makes it possible to deliver security more effectively. For example, instead of burdening individual computer hard drives with heavy installation packages and updates, we can outsource vast amounts of virus definition and website reputation data on external servers that are accessible in milliseconds by many kinds of devices. The Cloud helps to make our products even lighter and faster – and safer.

Today browser security is arguably the key element for safeguarding businesses against online attacks. Many companies are already using online services for tasks like online banking and networking with suppliers and partners. With more and more confidential business data online, browser vulnerabilities have become one of the main routes by which criminals hack into corporate networks and access confidential information.

F-Secure’s Browsing Protection consults the Cloud every time you search the Web, quickly identifying which websites are safe to enter and which should be avoided. When new malware or a corrupted website is identified, the information is immediately shared among the global community of F-Secure’s customers, securing everyone against the new threat. See our Evolution of Security video for a fresh angle on the Cloud:


Browsing Protection is included in all F-Secure’s business products, which offer the most user-friendly security solutions on the market. So if you are in a company that prefers to focus time and resources on its business rather than dealing with IT security issues, then look no further: we are at your service.