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Sankyo reduced management costs by 20 percent

Customer: Sankyo Kasei Co., Ltd



Industry: Specialized trading company
Solution: F-Secure Protection Service for Business
Users: approx. 100

Sankyo Kasei Co., Ltd., a specialist in chemical products manufacture and sales, has seven offices in Japan, with an IT division at their main office which is responsible for managing all the company’s in-country PCs. As the company’s business changed over the years, so the number of PCs it needed also changed.
Following concerns about security software and license management, Sankyo Kasei decided to switch to F-Secure® Protection Service for Business™ from its previous anti-virus software which the company had used for 10 years.

Previous Security Measures and Issues

- What kind of security measures did you apply previously?

From around 1998, we started changing our work environment by assigning a single PC to each employee, and we really didn’t have any security measures in place then. We started working overseas and one day one of our workstations stopped working because it got infected by a virus. This is when we first realized that we needed to secure our systems. We consulted our local software dealer and compared security software from three major companies, and eventually selected one from the three. We ended up using this software for around 10 years.

- Why did you switch from the anti-virus software that you had used for 10 years?

Our personnel was getting bigger and managing each PC and license was becoming a big burden. We started thinking that having each employee take responsibility for the security of their own PC was not effective in terms of maintaining the security of our entire system. Regarding license management, we used to manage everything in an Excel file but due to the increase in staff size, it became difficult to accurately track the number of PCs that were actually being used. We also had contractors and temp staff in our office which made license management according to the number of PCs even more difficult. This hassle also created additional costs.

Protection Service Implementation and Reasoning

- What made you consider F-Secure’s Protection Service?

Easynet, our reliable software dealer, introduced us to F-Secure’s Protection Service informing us that “there’s a service where you can monitor the security status of everything through a portal”.
We looked at the service and found it attractive because it let us track which PCs were being used, and enabled us to administer virus definition updates centrally.
We compared the service with others but we knew the overall advantages of F-Secure’s Protection Service were exceptional when we were first introduced to it. To be honest, before we were introduced, we did not know of F-Secure. We read a lot of things on the internet and learned that there wasn’t anything bad about the company. We also learned that F-Secure had a fair share and presence in the security industry on a global scale.

“Moving our networked computers onto PSB was simply a question of pushing out the software from our central security policy server. For our smaller offices it was a straightforward installation as for any other software, with the bonus that once it’s done, you can then centrally inspect, manage and control security settings from F-Secure’s Protection Service website.
As we see threats emerging, we can change the security policy settings for all our computers, not just those on the LAN, irrespective of their geographical location.”


- In what specific areas have you attained good results?

1. Central management of virus definition updates

You can see the general security status from the administration screen, which makes it possible to react to exceptions visible. Simplified user interface guides you to solve any problems PCs might have making security management easy.

2. Automated and fast virus definition updates

The virus definitions are updated automatically and quickly on each machine and take up very little system resources, so we can work smoothly without any worries. Our previous security software was very resource intensive and when we updated everything at once, our bandwidth was clogged. Many of our sales staff needed to head out and couldn’t wait until the updates were done, so it affected our business.

3. Silent installation

We were surprised when Protection Service automatically installed itself and at the same time deleted our previous software. As the one responsible for IT system changes in our company, I was personally pleased and found the function to be useful because I was worried that I may delete other software by mistake if I had to manually delete the previous security software.

4. Great support

F-Secure’s technical support is remarkable. I always receive answers and solutions on the spot without any wait and their staff explain things in a friendly and polite way that makes everything easy to understand.


- What kind of companies do you think F-Secure’s Protection Service is well suited for?

It’s probably the most appropriate solution for companies that don’t have their own dedicated IT department. The service provides easy central management and automatic virus definition updates so a secure system can be maintained even without the need for an IT department or security system administrator.

Download the case study as PDF:

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