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Axon IT: Protection Service for Business is profitable, time saving and efficient

Customer: Axon IT Ltd



Solution: Axon IT provide F-Secure Protection Service for Business to cover their customers workstations and servers along with F-Secure email protection (MSG) to provide a complete protection package

Benefits of the Solution

- Technically proficient
- Easy to administer
- Complete end to end solution
- Automatically able to renew and update on the management portal


Axon IT Ltd is a successful IT solutions company based in Cheshire. Since being established in 2001 Axon IT Ltd has become a leading provider of outsourced IT support, consultancy and training to both large and small businesses throughout the North of England. Along with IT support they also specialise in cloud computing, Virtualisation, Networking, Online backup and VoIP solutions.

Key products:

Axon provide F-Secure’s Protection Service for Business and F- Secure’s email protection to their customers. They currently have around 1,000 subscribers on their F-Secure managed solution.

The requirement:

Before F-Secure Protection Service for Business, Axon IT were selling a variation of licensed security products and wanted to tidy these up and be able to manage their customers IT Security more easily.

Axon’s brand is all about ‘removing the frustration, stress and fear of dealing with IT’ from businesses and so required a solution to help them with this promise. F-Secure Protection Service for Business fitted the bill. They moved their customers to the remotely managed platform and are now able to easily manage all of their customers’ security on one online portal.

The results:

Directly from the management portal, Axon can renew and order licenses automatically for their customers, adding to the portal’s excellent usable simplicity. Axon-IT has not only found F-Secure Protection Service for Business easy to use, but they have also seen a substantial amount of time and money saved as a result.

Moving over to F-Secure’s managed service from licensing was not a big problem and caused no unexpected issues. Graham Fern, Axon’s Technical Director, is pleased with the F-Secure Protection Service, stating that Axon “are just so wise to the Protection Service product now, it just gets better and better and we have no plans to do anything differently. We hope it just continues to evolve.”

Axon IT Ltd have found F-Secure’s Protection Service for Business to be both very profitable, time saving and efficient. The technical capabilities of the product and it being a cloud based solution suited Axon’s business.

Key messages:

Axon IT have been a partner of F-Secure’s for over 5 years now, promoting F-Secure solutions to their customers primarily in the North of England but also stretching all over the UK.

Referring to the F-Secure Protection Service, Mr Fern added, “As a businessman, it makes absolute sense, very efficient and being very much cloud focused fits our business nicely. The product is technically capable and ticks all the boxes really.”

Axon IT Ltd and F-Secure have a good partnership and have recently added F-Secure’s Protection Service for Macs to their offering. They haven’t looked at F-Secure’s Mobile Security for Business product as yet but said they would certainly consider this.


Download the case study as PDF: