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F-Secure joint telemarketing campaign proves a huge success

Customer: K3 Managed Services



Solution: F-Secure Protection Service for Business / End point security for workstations, servers and email servers.
Users: Small to medium businesses and organisations throughout Europe

Benefits of the campaign

- Gained Leads
- Customer engagement


“We at K3 Managed Services would like to thank F-Secure for the outstanding telemarketing support they provided.”

K3 Provide Managed Services for SMBs

As the Managed Services division of the K3 Group of companies, K3 Managed Services are uniquely placed to provide an integrated portfolio of solutions that support every element of our customer’s IT systems – Whether that be onsite, hosted or fully cloud deployed.

K3 Managed Services provide managed services including End Point Security solutions to SMBs in all sectors throughout Europe.

The K3 group of companies have customers in over 60 countries.

K3 Managed Services needed to qualify suitable leads from their current customer database

K3 Managed Services have over 2500 end-user’s to keep in contact with, with such a wide portfolio of solutions there are always many opportunities to provide services within this rich end user base. Today with F-Secure’s PSB service they are able to supply end point security to their base to ensure they are all constantly protected against the latest threats automatically.

K3 Managed Services needed to qualify suitable leads from their current customer database for end point security and this is where F-Secure’s telemarketing team came in.

Enriching the customer data and contact details are essential for successful future campaigns and so F-Secure’s campaign served a dual purpose.

F-Secure managed to qualify a great amount of leads

As a direct result of the telemarketing campaign, F-Secure managed to qualify a great amount of leads and actions for K3 Managed Services to follow up on. Customers were also requesting evaluations and registering to attend web demos on end point security.

This has also been a great opportunity for K3 Managed Services to show how effective this kind of activity is internally to allow them to continue this route of eventually converting all of their customers to the remote end point security service.

In addition to introducing the product to K3’s customer base it also provoked questions and further information about their other managed services they provide.

Overall K3 Managed Services were very pleased with how the week went and would jump at the opportunity to have F-Secure back for another telemarketing campaign!

Key Messages

K3 Managed Services have been working with F-Secure solutions for over a year now and chose to partner with F-Secure due to the functionality and deliverability of the product. The product suited K3’s need for end-point security to offer as a managed service to their customer base.

“With F-Secure’s award-winning software, reputable brand and ease of working it was a no-brainer.” – Said Jason Price, Sales Director, K3 Managed Services.

4 x F-Secure telesales staff worked from K3’s offices to cleanse their customer data, qualify leads and book web demo’s for their sales teams.

The accuracy of their data is fundamental to future campaigns K3 send out so the cleansing of it was important, additionally this acted as courtesy calling to current customers that didn’t require end point security at that time and increased brand awareness for the K3 Managed Service division.

”The F-Secure team were professional, warm and friendly and had good telephone skills. They also informed customers of a promotion to switch their current AV at its renewal to F-Secure / K3 end point security. An additional bonus of free home user Internet Security if they attend a web demo on the product, sweetened the deal for customers.”

Download the case study as PDF: