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Want to chat with an F-Secure support expert?

F-Secure is piloting a live chat support service. At first, the chat service will be available to our home users only.

Today customers seek and expect immediate responses to their requests for help. Instead of directly calling for assistance, customers have become more and more accustomed to getting help through chatting with a support expert. To be able to serve also these customers better, we are now offering a live chat support service which enables our customers to discuss immediately with our support experts. If necessary, the customer can allow our customer support to access the computer remotely for the purposes of providing remote technical support.

We hope that this new method of customer support service will increase our customers' confidence in our products and services. During the piloting, the chat service is available only in English.

Before the chat session can be started, the customer is asked for contact details. Also, he must read and accept F-Secure's Remote Support Services User Agreement.

Try out the chat