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  • F-Secure e-mail filtering as part of the Patja ICT service

    elokuu 26, 2010

    Fujitsu Services Oy is the leading IT service provider in Finland. The company’s customers represent a wide range of both private and public sector organizations. In 2009, Fujitsu’s revenue was 395 million Euros and the company employed 2,800 people...

  • F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway –the price competitive problem solver

    elokuu 26, 2010

    “This is an intelligent product  - with its automatic updates and deep analysis of spam, it’s made my life a lot easier. I would have been happy with 70 percent spam reduction but now I get 90 percent – maybe more. I’d give the product ten out ten. So far so good!”
    -Morten Glörud, IT support manager for servers and PCs, Familjebostäder...

  • F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway – the magic bullet that shoots down spam

    elokuu 26, 2010

    “We get something like 2000 emails a day. Before we took the messaging gateway, 50 percent of those were spam. We installed the appliance ourselves and it was like a magic bullet. The spam disappeared and so did the complaints from our people. We were very impressed with its performance – it’s a near 100% spam filter with no false positives.”
    -Jurgen Eichler, Head of IT at FörlagsSystem AB...

  • F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway keeps Interflora AB's affiliated stores free from spam and viruses

    elokuu 26, 2010

    "In the last month, F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway has stopped more than half of all e-mails that passed through our network since they were spam, and 172 e-mails that were virus-infected. The odd spam message can of course still slip through, but very few. Both we at the HQ and the end users are very pleased," says Mikael Berglund, IT Manager at Interflora AB...

  • Green House benefits from centralized security management

    elokuu 26, 2010

    Established in 1947, Green House Co. Ltd. pursues food and hospitality business with the principle “to do what makes people happy”. To promote their goal and foundation, the company provides contract food services, management of restaurants/hotels, along with consulting and hospitality services. In line with their dedicated approach towards food safety and assurance, Green House follows a strict regimen in IT security to keep all of their computer systems safe...

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