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Messaging Security Gateway helps boost personnel's work time efficiency

Customer: Eura municipality
Solution: F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway
Users: 300 workstations

Located in the Satakunta region in Western Finland, Eura is a municipality with 12,600 residents. Eura is 50 kilometers from Pori, 35 kilometers from Rauma and 105 kilometers from Tampere. The municipality covers an area of 630 km2, with population centered in Eura and Kauttua. Characteristics of Eura include ancient cemeteries and findings from the Iron Age.

In rural Eura, refinement industry amounts to 45% of jobs, while services employ 47% and primary production 8%. Companies in Eura operate in food, paper and packaging industries, among others. The municipality has some 610 employees.

Eura serves people of all ages

Eura municipality has some 50 locations. The main office building is a place where close to 50 people work in central administration, technical services and administration for education and cultural services. Health services, schools and daycares operate elsewhere as separate units.

- We provide services for people of all ages, and we could no longer do without email. Basically, the information we send by email is non-critical and public. Email is beneficial as a fast communications channel, as we can provide the same information to many persons both here in this building and for instance 40 kilometers away. Email encryption now also enables us to send confidential messages, says Petri Järvinen, IT Manager in Eura.

- We have had F-Secure's antivirus from the beginning. Spam filtering became appropriate as the amount of spam increased heavily. In an event hosted by F-Secure we received good information about spam filtering and F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway solution. Afterwards we tested F-Secure appliances, which exceeded our expectations, tells Järvinen.

The best purchase IT Management ever made

- Our topmost requirement was to have an efficient solution for spam filtering to decrease the amount of spam. I did not believe we could have achieved such remarkable results. What we got was an excellent solution. While we consider F-Secure spam filtering affordable, for us the top priority is its features.

- For our IT Management, this is the best purchase we ever made. Removing spam from end users' mailboxes was the single most important benefit. Earlier, our email users were burdened by spam and it consumed time. In one month, we received 240,000 messages, and only 30,000 were legitimate, says Järvinen.

- All the incoming data traffic is routed through F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway before it reaches the email server. The email messages to mobile devices come via the same route, and spam filtering scans also outgoing email together with attachments.

Boosting work time efficiency

Thanks to F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway, spam disappeared almost completely and filtering performs well. Clearly it's the end users who benefit most from filtering. Personnel's work time efficiency is improved, when users do not need to clear their mailboxes. The solution saves also disc space on Eura's IT system, when 90% of email is removed.

- Our email traffic runs now smoother, and filtering is fully transparent to end users. The solution has reduced the maintenance work by the IT Management and the number of user requests while saving work time. F-Secure support is top-notch. They have high-level expertise. We are very satisfied with F-Secure service, says Järvinen.

- The deployment came off very well. F-Secure's expert installed the appliance and configured the settings. We also received a second appliance as a redundant system. We were instructed to use the appliance while it was installed, and there was no need for separate training. F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway is in the network used by the whole administration of Eura municipality, with about 300 workstations.

- Our student network has F-Secure's antivirus, and antitheft is now in introductory use. For us in Eura municipality, one of the most important things this year is to develop our online electronic services. By investing in hardware and software we will continue to improve our efficiency, tells Järvinen.

Encryption of confidential emails

For Eura, it was important to have a comprehensive solution that includes confidential messaging in addition to anti-malware and spam filtering. Email encryption is a feature in F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway that enables you to send confidential information to anyone by email. The recipient of the email does not need any separate software because encrypted message can be read with a web browser.

- Municipalities need to be able to securely send personal information by email for instance to provide social and health services. Earlier, our email security was not as reliable as now, because now we can easily encrypt the messages. While email encryption makes it easy and quick to send confidential information, it also saves working time, because information does not need to be printed and mailed, says Järvinen.

- That's one small change in emailing, but one major leap for quality of municipal services. One of our top priorities is to develop our online services. By investing in hardware and software we will continue to improve our efficiency, says Järvinen.

Download the case study as PDF:

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