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F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway keeps Interflora AB's affiliated stores free from spam and viruses

Company: Interflora AB



Business: Flower retailing, flower delivery services and flower -wholesaler
System platform: Novell GroupWise
Product used: F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway
Number of users: approximately 1,000

"In the last month, F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway has stopped more than half of all e-mails that passed through our network since they were spam, and 172 e-mails that were virus-infected. The odd spam message can of course still slip through, but very few. Both we at the HQ and the end users are very pleased," says Mikael Berglund, IT Manager at Interflora AB

Company overview

Interflora AB is Sweden's leading florist company and operates the Blommogram flower delivery service, the specialised retail chain Interflora AB, as well as its own training programs. The company also owns flower wholesalers in Sweden and Holland, a financing company, as well as producing Sweden's largest trade magazine for florists. Online e-commerce has also been successfully run since 1995. Of the more than 800 florist agents, 170 are stores that belong to a specialist retail chain that has adopted an overall concept – from interior furnishing to purchasing. The company's headquarters employs about 30 people, of whom four work in the IT department providing e-mail services for the florist stores that deliver Blommogram to around 6,000 - 7,000 locations across Sweden.


For the Blommogram service, Interflora AB uses an online order system that automatically delivers orders to its agents. The head office also offers the stores an online e-mail service with an Interflora AB e-mail address. They previously used a POP solution, but have now gone over to Novell GroupWise. Because Interflora AB's brand name is well-known, these e-mail addresses are easy prey for people who send spam. With more than 800 florist stores, Interflora AB needed to invest in technology that could minimise the proportion of spam but simultaneously require as little administration as possible.


Interflora AB worked previously with a solution that demanded a lot of time for maintenance and administration for it to function properly. It was suggested to Interflora AB that they test F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway – hardware that protects against viruses, spam and other Internet threats at the gateway level. Interflora AB found that the solution met its requirements already with the basic settings. Very few adjustments were necessary for the solution to completely fulfil expectations.


Today, F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway runs basically by itself. It is easy to maintain because it is automatically updated, and the IT department can easily go in and obtain statistics as to how many e-mail messages have been blocked due to them being either spam or virus-infected. The volume of spam that arrives in the end-users' inboxes has decreased dramatically.

Statements from Mikael Berglund, IT Manager at Interflora AB

- F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway is excellent. We installed the hardware, and already with the default settings we discovered that it met our requirements – it now stops virtually all spam and viruses.

- In the last month, F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway has stopped more than half of all e-mails that passed through our network.
- F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway functions extremely well, requires very little administration, and is automatically updated. When we look at the statistics, we are reminded of how things were previously.

Download the case study as PDF:

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