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F-Secure protects fun in Mirabilandia

Customer: Parco della Standiana (Mirabilandia)



Solution: F-Secure Client Security
Users: 150

The biggest amusement park in Italy selected F-Secure® Client Security™ to protect their desktops and to guarantee the continuity of their business.

The Customer

Parco della Standiana (Mirabilandia) is the biggest amusement Park in Italy. It is located near Ravenna and covers an area of 850,000 square meters. Mirabilandia is an ideal destination for relaxing and having fun, because it offers some of the most enjoyable attractions and shows in Europe for people of all ages and tastes. During summer, people can also enjoy the tropical Mirabilandia Beach.


Mirabilandia was looking for an efficient information security product for the 150 computers used in the various functions of the park, such as administrative offices and cash desks. The company wanted a product that would offer both proactive and reactive protection and guarantee that their business can continue even during virus outbreaks or attacks. Therefore, the product should include a traditional, signature-based virus protection as well as the ability to monitor suspicious behaviour in the computer system. Such behaviour may indicate the presence of malware.

Mirabilandia had previously used several different security products, including some well-known ones. However, none of the products fully met the needs of the company, especially because none of them could efficiently prevent zero-day threats. Thousands of people visit the park every day, so the company must be able to rely on a complete, reliable and modern protection.

One inconvenience with previous security solutions was that they noticeably slowed down the processing speed of a computer. There were also some worrying security problems, when all systems were blocked for several days because of a severe virus outbreak. In that case, the update from the provider arrived a day after the infection took place. The reaction time was obviously too long for a complex and computerized organization like Mirabilandia.

Choosing F-Secure

“We were looking for a more complete and reliable protection that would allow us to optimize the use of our time and resources,” explains Pierluigi Carboni, IS manager at Mirabilandia. “Previous products did not succeed in giving us a 360° protection and actually slowed down our system too much.”

In 2006, after an in-depth evaluation, Mirabilandia chose F-Secure Client Security 6 to protect all their computer systems, and subsequently upgraded to version 7 as soon as it was available. F Secure Client Security is a security solution for businesses. It provides advanced protection against known viruses as well as against unknown threats, rootkits and spyware.

F-Secure Client Security brought several benefits to Mirabilandia from the very beginning. In fact, the product immediately provided total protection. Viruses and other threats were no longer able to harm the company’s computers. The effectiveness of the protection comes from the world-renowned F Secure technologies, such as advanced scanning engines for detecting rootkits and spyware. Another important factor is F-Secure’s quick response to new threats. 

One important element in F-Secure’s solution is the efficient centralized management of the product. Installations, updates and monitoring can be taken care of remotely form a single location. Centralized management is especially beneficial for Mirabilandia, because their whole computer system is spread over a large area. Mirabilandia also appreciates F-Secure’s skilled and prompt technical support, which has on many occasions given immediate assistance by phone and provided instructions on installation and day-to-day operations.

Pierluigi Carboni is very satisfied with the level of protection that F-Secure’s product has provided. He is confident that Mirabilandia made the right choice, when they decided to base the present and future security of their computers on F-Secure Client Security.

Download the case study as PDF:

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