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Viherlassila outsources data security, concentrates on customer service

Customer: Viherlassila Ky
Industry: Gardening and landscaping
Solution: F-Secure Protection Service for Business
Users: 5 people

Viherlassila Ky, is a landscape planning and contracting agency, which also imports and sells gardening products and cultivates ornamental plants and bushes. The company’s customers are private persons, companies and housing cooperatives in the Turku area. Viherlassila employs approximately 15 gardening and landscaping professionals, and its annual turnover is about EUR 2.5 million.

An electronic ordering and information system makes work easier

Viherlassila uses the Internet to keep current with the international gardening and landscaping market, products, and trends. Their foreign suppliers send newsletters by email. Viherlassila orders its imported plants electronically.

- 90% of our foreign orders is sent by email. The scientific names of plants are always used in gardening and landscaping commerce. As a result, it is easier to place an order electronically than by phone, says CEO Mika Lassila.

During the peak gardening season, Viherlassila’s extensive retail store provides inspiration for yards and gardens. The company's website provides information and special offers for customers. The website is also the channel for feedback, orders and requests for quotations. The search-related traffic at the website and inquiries sent by email place high demands for Viherlassila’s data security.

In the past, data security required extra work

In the past, managing data security caused Viherlassila a lot of extra work. At the recommendation of their IT partner, TST Systems Turku Oy, who is also an F-Secure reseller, Viherlassila selected F-Secure’s Protection Service for Business Advanced service to take care of their data security needs. Consequently, the company no longer needs to worry about managing security and keeping security software up-to-date. Professionals take care of it all.

- F-Secure’s security as a service work seamlessly at the background of all our workstations, and helps us to concentrate on what we do best. Out strengths lie in landscaping and gardening expertise, and personal customer service, says Lassila.

Externalized security service protects the workstations

F-Secure’s security service protects Viherlassila’s workstations, and the incoming and outgoing traffic from viruses, spyware, and malware. Security updates are automatic, and require no user input. F-Secure’s solution includes all that is needed - intrusion prevention, application control, spam control and a firewall.

- We do not have in-house resources who manage security. TST-Systems takes care of our workstations and manages our security service. We do not have to worry about IT, which makes our work a lot easier, Lassila points out.

- It is difficult for a small company to manage their security on their own. The peak gardening season is a busy time, which made F-Secure’s data security service the optimal solution for Viherlassila. We use a portal to monitor that Viherlassila’s data security is continuously up to date, says CEO Hannu Toivonen from TST Systems Turku Oy.

Launching electronic marketing

Viherlassila markets its products and services through informative retail store campaigns, the company website, newspaper ads, and direct marketing. The company intends to use its growing customer register for electronic marketing, for example for sending sales promotion letters by email.

- Developing web commerce and email marketing are our strategies for the future – and they too need security, says Lassila.

Benefits of the solution for Viherlassila:

- Always up-to-date, reliable security, updated by F-Secure
- Protection for the company’s IT-systems and data traffic
- No user expertise required to keep data security up-to-date
- Outsourced monitoring and management of the service saves working time
- Easy, safe and automatically working solution
- Saves time and money, and enables the customer to concentrate on their own business
- The service does not require additional investments on hardware

Download the case study as PDF:

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