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Security as a service saves working time at RTA-Metalli

Customer: RTA-Metalli Oy
Industry: Steel products contract manufacturer
Company: Employs about 40 employees and its revenue was EUR 4.2 million in 2008
Solution: F-Secure Protection Service for Business
Users: 18 people

RTA-Metalli Oy is a contract manufacturer of welded and machined steel products, producing assemblies for papermaking machines, among other things. The company employs a total of about 40 metalworking professionals in Saarijärvi, central Finland, with turnover of EUR 4.2 million in 2008. In addition to national deliveries, the company exports its products to Sweden, Italy, USA, and Brazil where some of the main customers are located.

Conducting business electronically shortens the lead time

95% of RTA-Metalli’s data flow is transmitted electronically. The company has protected connections to its major customers. Electronic connections to the customers and suppliers ease ordering, purchasing, and sending out drawings, 3D-images, and invoices. The advantages of electronic business activities can be seen directly in the company's production rate.

- Being able to react to customers’ requirements quickly is partially due to the effective data traffic and especially to our own expertise. We provide fast and flexible deliveries. The customer gets all services needed in the production of a workpiece under the same roof, explains the CEO of RTA-Metalli, Hanna Auvinen.

Spam and security updates as challenges

Earlier, the vast amount of spam was a problem. It was also difficult to maintain data security in-house. The company chose to protect its IT system with the F-Secure Protection Service for Business Advanced security service on all workstations.

- We now have spam under control. The filtering is done using the F-Secure protection service. It is the handiest solution, because we value good security, automatic updates, spam filtering, firewall, and outsourced management of the solution. Deployment did not require anything from us. Our partner, Keski-Suomen JK-Center Oy, a reseller of F-Secure, took care of the installation without any customization, says Auvinen.

- We have an IT equipment service agreement with JK-Center. They provide us with new solutions and aid us in problematic situations. Everything has worked smoothly with them, says Auvinen.

Security – an important part of customer service

For RTA-Metalli, keeping data traffic fully functional is vital. An outsourced security as service is an outstanding solution, because safe connections to customers and partners are a crucial part of the company’s customer service.

- Thanks to the outsourced service we are saving 500 euros yearly in security expenses. A reliable security is also a reference to our customers. Electronic systems need to be set up, and drawings and orders need to keep moving. Our traffic is now much more reliable. We are saving work hours and we can concentrate on our own core expertise and better customer service, stresses Auvinen.

- F-Secure’s security as a service solution has been welcomed by small businesses. The service has been specially designed for SMBs that want to outsource their security management and supervision. We are delighted to have F Secure’s products among our offerings. The customers get good service with a low cost. We take care of the license management and updates, says Harri Rautiainen from JK-Center.

Aiming to shorten lead time

RTA-Metalli tightens its customer relations and focuses in development more than before. Mobile devices and their security may become important to the company in the future.

- In the future, we will focus on customer service and the efficient utilization of machine programming in production, and on increasing the WinCAM and CAD/CAM know-how. Soon, a 3D work image can be received directly at a production machine. The target of our development work is to shorten the lead time, explains Auvinen.

Benefits of F-Secure Solutions to RTA-Metalli

- Always up-to-date, reliable security, updated by F-Secure
- Protects the company’s IT system and traffic
- Protecting the IT system does not require IT expertise from the user
- Outsourced monitoring and management of the service saves working time
- Easy, safe and automatically updated solution
- Saves time and money while enabling better customer service
- Implementing the service does not require additional investments on hardware

Download the case study as PDF:

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