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Content Enabler

Content Enabler Technology

F-Secure Content Enabler provides storage and sharing of all types of content for a massive number of retail consumers. Our Content Enabler technologies are designed to provide three main functions:


  • Optimized processing of media type file types (images, video and music) with the capacity to display multi-media content in the context of the device being used: mobile phone, smartphone, PC, Mac, IPTV
  • Full virtualization of all the main components (storage, database, web servers and file transcoding) in order to provide scalability and robustness
  • The provision of quickly-deployed off-the-shelf, services such as computer backup, storage device integration or social network communication

Predictable growth for your value added services

The F-Secure Content Enabler platform helps your services reach mass market consumers. Easily add new services cost-effectively, and present a consistent, great user experience for your customers.

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Become a partner

Collaborating with F-Secure gives your customers access to our award-winning ‘Security as a Service' solutions, increasing service uptake and loyalty.

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It's harder to drive ARPU in the new Mobile Broadband world, isn't it?

This operator partner offered Security to its Mobile Broadband customers via their web site. The rate at which new Mobile broadband customer activated the security service was around 10%. They were unhappy with this level and approach F-Secure to brainstorm ideas and jointly develop a new approach.

What happened?