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Content Enabler

Solution description

The Content Enabler platform delivers online storage to a wide range of customers. Content Enabler's architecture consists of 3 layers:

  • The Application Storage layer, which handles all the data management functions
  • The Virtualization layer, which ensures performance and robustness allowing all the main components (physical storage, database, and streaming capabilities) to be splitted on multiple server and sites.
  • The Physical layer, which ensures physical storage based on industry standards


Easy access

Content Enabler is integrated with more than 20 online applications, for example, web mail, social networking and photo printing. Content Enabler can be accessed through online services and multiple devices.

Solution types

Custom: an adaptable solution for medium and large-sized service providers.

Solution components

Application storage layer

Content Enabler supports data transcoding to show multimedia content in a range of devices including mobile phones, smartphones, MacTV, digital frames, games consoles, and digital cameras.

Virtualization storage layer

Content Enabler supports a virtually unlimited number of users through performance-based features including caching control, database security guard and turn-key solutions.

Physical storage layer

Content Enabler includes a cost -oriented physical storage layer but can also access external physical storage systems.


Predictable growth for your value added services

The F-Secure Content Enabler platform helps your services reach mass market consumers. Easily add new services cost-effectively, and present a consistent, great user experience for your customers.

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Become a partner

Collaborating with F-Secure gives your customers access to our award-winning ‘Security as a Service' solutions, increasing service uptake and loyalty.

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Service like Online Backup is still not widely adopted, is it?

After cleverly bundling and integrating a free digital photo prints offer with this operator’s online backup & storage service from F-Secure, a marketing campaign to existing Broadband users delivered 220 000 customers in less than 9 months, representing c20% of the target group, and exceeding all expectations and targets.

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