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Content Anywhere

Content Anywhere gives your subscribers the opportunity to store, sync and share their content across their devices – desktop, tablet, mobile and TV.

Content Anywhere is our new flagship Cloud solution for Operators. Imagine being able to offer your customers their own private cloud with full store, sync and share capability of their photos, videos, music and files on any device, anytime and anywhere. It’s the perfect solution for any operator wishing to make the most of an online environment characterized by an explosion in social interaction and digital content.

Launching Content Anywhere in your environment is a streamlined process. The service can easily be configured under your brand’s look & feel, while the service platform integrates directly to your authentication, provisioning and billing systems. Further VAS services can also be launched on the platform with ease.


  • Launch new revenue streams by adding a unique content-based service to your offering
  • Differentiate yourself while keeping subscribers entrenched within your service ecosystem
  • Leverage your brand by building a truly converged multi-content and multi-device proposition
  • Make your brand more important – and relevant – in your customers’ everyday lives
  • Make your premium content services shine when your customers can use Content Anywhere to access their favorite movies and music as well
  • Capitalize on the enormous potential of cloud services and establish your place before the market matures
  • Prepare for the future by establishing a flexible platform for even more content cloud services


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