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Safe Anywhere

Your customers are always online - but are they always protected?

Constant connection brings constant risks. Safe Anywhere offers award-winning protection against all digital threats. Your customers can surf the web on any computer or mobile device with complete confidence thanks to our Browsing Protection.

This solution is also designed to safeguard your customers’ most prized possessions – their family and their privacy. Shield the private data on their phones and home computers. Keep their kids safe online with parental controls on every device a child uses.


  • Maximize profitability with an award-winning, cutting-edge solution that protects your customers wherever they go
  • Create a truly converged security solution
  • Position yourself as an Operator that values the security of your customers
  • Embed converged security into your existing converged propositions
  • Use security to target “Friends and Family” segments to your network
  • Offer Safe Anywhere to your existing customer base to enhance loyalty or surprise and delight
  • Increase the value of your brand by providing a customized service on PCs, Macs and Android, iPhone and Symbian mobile devices
  • Improve customer connection and loyalty; research proves the more services customers have, the happier they are with the provider
  • Get ahead of mobile threats, slash support costs and enjoy fewer security-related incidents


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Predictable growth for your value added services

The F-Secure Content Enabler platform helps your services reach mass market consumers. Easily add new services cost-effectively, and present a consistent, great user experience for your customers.

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Become a partner

Collaborating with F-Secure gives your customers access to our award-winning ‘Security as a Service' solutions, increasing service uptake and loyalty.

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20 year heritage

F-Secure has been protecting our customers’ digital lives for over 20 years. Our dedicated experts work around the clock to deal with the latest online threats.

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