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Protection for mobile

Solution description

Smartphones and tablet computers often contain personal photos, business documents and emails, and are just as vulnerable to security threats as any other computing devices. F-Secure PSM enables operators to provide comprehensive security services for their customers across the whole range of today’s mobile devices. It gives protection against mobile malware, spy tools and even locates a missing device that has been lost or stolen.

In addition to safeguarding confidential data, PSM also provides a safe web browsing experience. Its Browsing Protection feature automatically blocks access to websites that are trying to spread malware or steal a user’s online identity, such as banking details. The new Parental Control feature, included in the Premium Suite package, makes sure that children are not exposed to harmful content on the web.

Predictable growth for your value added services

The F-Secure Content Enabler platform helps your services reach mass market consumers. Easily add new services cost-effectively, and present a consistent, great user experience for your customers.

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Become a partner

Collaborating with F-Secure gives your customers access to our award-winning ‘Security as a Service' solutions, increasing service uptake and loyalty.

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20 year heritage

F-Secure has been protecting our customers’ digital lives for over 20 years. Our dedicated experts work around the clock to deal with the latest online threats.

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