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Partner story

Consumer insights and specialized marketing expertise is the first step to growing take-up rates

As a security industry leader, F-Secure is trusted by millions of direct customers around the world. Due to our direct consumer business, our solutions have to be able to stand on their own in a highly competitive security solutions market.

We do our own R&D and have some of the most globally quoted industry experts working in our Research Labs. Being in the direct consumer business also means we need to stay on top of consumer needs and behavior, as well as continuously develop effective direct marketing concepts. F-Secure conducts a large amount of primary consumer research in the form of market studies, usability research, focus groups, and researching consumer behavior patterns through ethnographic studies in different countries.

We share these insights within our service provider partner ecosystem so you can use it to improve the take-up rate of your services. By working with F-Secure you add the credibility of a specialized security and storage services expert to your offering and communications.

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We know how to increase your VAS take-up rate

There is a reason why we are the frontrunner in the service provider security and storage VAS market. We pioneered this business model about a decade ago, and as we now have the privilege of working with more ISP partners worldwide than anyone else, we have learned some valuable lessons.

An important thing we have learned is how to increase your service take-up rate. For example, with our security services, our ISP partners typically reach 20% take-up rates. The best ones have gone over 80%. And with this solid track record we are very confident that you can benefit from our experience, not only for your security-related services but for a number of other VAS services too.

Increasing the service take-up rate requires fine-tuning a number of different processes at every level of your different sales channels. F-Secure has already executed numerous operator implementations so we are able to build and recommend the right processes and operational procedures on many different levels.

Service provider security and storage is our main business. We compete against many larger IT security suppliers whose main business is in retail or with corporations. F-Secure has no need to make compromises on our products or processes in order to accommodate the needs of other sales channels.

Addressing take-up rate in the different phases of the end-customer lifecycle

Upgrade your customers

Many of our partners have had another security service deployed when we start working with them. This means we have a lot of experience in upgrading operators and their end-users to F-Secure services. Without the benefit of experience, upgrade projects can become tedious. For us it is not a one-off project that needs to be figured out. It is a standard process. We have the know-how, and we have the people who have done it before. This is our main business and we know how to make it painless for you and easy for your subscribers.

Marketing research that you can leverage

Consumers tell us that they do not want to think about security solutions. They just want to live their “connected” lives while being and feeling safe. They also want to know that their irreplaceable self-generated content is protected. This means that our communication concepts should not focus on security solutions or technology, but should rather introduce things that consumers are interested in and respond emotionally to. Our research also gave a strong indication of what such concepts could be like.

This and many other findings are the result of our continuous market research. Insights into consumer behavior are shared globally with our service provider partners. We firmly believe that sharing our insights can help all members of the F-Secure partner community whether they are in Europe, America or Asia-Pacific.
In order to enable the sharing among partners, F-Secure organizes regular events. The most important one is SPECIES, the Service Provider Ecosystem Conference for Increasing End-customer Sales.

F-Secure’s value-added service marketing experts

Our local account teams, backed up by a global team of marketing experts, are energetic, tenacious, innovative, and determined. Regardless of the sales channels you use, F-Secure’s team will provide you with advice, material and tools to make the most out of your call centers, website, and retail stores.

From the first phases of planning a launch to the design of targeted campaigns, end-customer surveys and scripts for call centers, F-Secure makes sure that you receive the marketing support you need. Our current partners benefit from training, consultancy, marketing planning, campaign planning, surveys, sales scripts and guidance, and workshops. All this material is shared with all our partners through our SPA operator portal.

Concepts, campaign elements, material and face-to-face help

Concepts based on our own experience, ready-made campaigns, movies, animated films, games, and e-tutorials are ready for you to use by just inserting you logo and making sure the visuals match your brand’s look and feel. We even have a blueprint for setting up your website to provide a smooth and effective journey for your end-user when subscribing to the security service.

To help you get the full benefit of our partnership we provide you with a local account team to help you in face-to-face joint planning sessions.

Interested in getting access to the SPA Operator portal?

Successful partnership with F-Secure

Over the years, F-Secure has collected an extensive record of best practices that you as a partner will be able to benefit from. We have the process knowledge both for launching new services, helping you fine tune the provisioning process, and optimizing call center processes. These experiences can also, to a large extent, be applied to any other value-added service.

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SPECIES - the worldwide ecosystem conference for F-Secure Operator Partners!

Every year, F-Secure Operator Partners gather to exchange best practices in a dynamic networking environment during SPECIES.

What was it is like last time?

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SPECIES stands for Service Partner Ecosystem Conference to Increase End-customer Sales

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