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Banking Protection

We're proud to provide the safest online banking experience ever.

Klas Kindström

Senior Project Manager

F-Secure Development

Online banking is preferred by more and more consumers all the time – but as risks increase, customers worry about whether it's really safe to handle their finances online.


stolen in a single case *

"Criminals follow the money"

Online crime is big business - and right now, criminals see huge opportunities in attacking consumers who bank online. There is a sharp increase in attacks using banking trojans - hard-to-notice, seemingly harmless malware that spies on the user. With a banking trojan, an attacker can steal a person's ID, password, and personal information - essentially everything needed to get into the user's account and steal their money.

52% consumers prefer to subscribe to security services through their existing broadband provider rather than another provider. **

Timo Hirvonen, Anti-Malware Analyst, F-Secure Labs

Klas Kindström, Senior Project Manager, F-Secure Development

But bank websites are secure, right?

Your customers might feel safe, assuming that banks have invested heavily in security. And banks have – on their own side. So criminals target ordinary people. Even with proper security software installed, users are still vulnerable to banking-related attacks: they can be tricked into clicking a phishing link, installing a dangerous file, even giving out their passwords over email.

47% of global consumers prefer using the Internet for simple bank transactions. **

This is where Banking Protection steps in – powered by your brand.

Banking Protection works like an armored connection between your customer and their bank. It prevents any other connections that could compromise the user's security while they are banking. Your customer is protected from malware, spyware and phishing – and the only thing they notice is your logo at the top of the browser, reminding them that you've enabled their safe, protected banking session.

90% feel being safe from bad or criminal web sites is important. **

Veli-Jussi Kesti, Senior Manager, F-Secure Development

Mira Sivonen, Senior Business Development Manager, F-Secure

Simple and straightforward – for your environment and your customers

Banking Protection is an add-on service to Safe Anywhere PC, the leading operator-provided internet security suite. If Safe Anywhere PC is already part of your offering, adding Banking Protection to the mix is simple and straightforward.

And for your customers who use Safe Anywhere PC, simply offer them the opportunity to add Banking Protection to their subscription. They won't need to install any additional software or plugins and can start banking safely as soon as they've completed the purchase agreement with you.

Layered protection for 100% safety and privacy

Banking Protection works with the other security layers of Safe Anywhere PC to ensure your total digital safety. With Safe Anywhere PC, virus and spyware protection guard against malware, spam protection blocks phishing emails, and browsing protection detects harmful websites. Banking Protection adds extra reassurance by guarding against attacks from new, unknown trojans that might occur during an open banking session.

Banking Protection blocks all non-secure connections while you are doing online banking.


Contact us!

To offer your customers the safest online banking experience ever, we would invite existing F-Secure Operator customers to contact your local Account Manager. If you do not currently partner with F-Secure, please complete this simple form below, and someone will be in contact with you shortly.

 * http://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/2010/october/cyber-banking-fraud

** F-Secure Global Consumer Survey 2012, 14 countries, 6,400 respondents in total.