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Success story

And is this just reactive, when the Operator instigates improvement activities?

F-Secure ensure that the end customer – your customer – at the center of everything we do. We routinely undertake Mystery Shopping exercises to qualify customer experience in finding, purchasing and acquiring security-related solutions. The findings of such study are thoroughly documented and sharing with Partners.

Based on one recent exercise, our subsequent improvement workshop with partner developed new materials and minor process improvements to leverage the newly acquired insight.
Within only a few weeks of introducing these simple awareness-based activities, call center sales were up by 166%.

The customer is king. F-Secure insight and experience in identifying and documenting process gaps and communication flaws can add real value to Operators, and make for a more fulfilling experience for customers. And F-Secure can show you the way.

Interested in predictable VAS business growth?

The F-Secure VAS Enabler platforms implement the consumer services model, and make selling, provisioning and delivery of additional services both consistently easy and flexible.

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