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Success story

Services like Online Backup and Sharing are still not widely adopted in the consumer space, are they?

After cleverly bundling and integrating a free digital photo prints offer with this operator’s online backup & storage service from F-Secure, a marketing campaign to existing Broadband users delivered 220 000 customers in less than 9 months, representing c20% of the target group, and exceeding all expectations and targets.

Separately, another operator wondered if Online Backup could be sold on its own, without gimmicks, and via traditional channels.

Following some brainstorming and joint planning with F-Secure, a simple sales training and incentives scheme was put in place which drove Online Back-Up revenue for this operator by over 1000% (annualized basis) and the approximate costs of €25000 had been recovered within 2 months!

Interested in predictable VAS business growth?

The F-Secure VAS Enabler platforms implement the consumer services model, and make selling, provisioning and delivery of additional services both consistently easy and flexible.

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