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Success story

It's harder to drive ARPU in the new Mobile Broadband world, isn't it?

This operator partner offered Security to its Mobile Broadband customers via their web site. The rate at which new Mobile broadband customer activated the security service was around 10%. They were unhappy with this level and approach F-Secure to brainstorm ideas and jointly develop a new approach.

After a few joint marketing planning sessions they introduced a CD option to deliver the software, they simplified the installation instructions on collaterals, they included a dedicated security leaflet with all purchases, and they introduced a small customer “free draw” competition.

The results have been exceptional. The Consumer Activation rate is now over 40% for all new Mobile broadband customers, and in less than one year this operator has seen over 20% of its entire base taking up their security solution…and that’s still growing!

So no, with the right focus and advice, success in the fast growing mobile broadband space is achievable too. And F-Secure can show you the way.

Interested in predictable VAS business growth?

The F-Secure VAS Enabler platforms implement the consumer services model, and make selling, provisioning and delivery of additional services both consistently easy and flexible.

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