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Success stories

F-Secure success stories

F-Secure has amassed a library of marketing examples and situation data to assist operator marketers to better target and engage with customer to sell Security related VAS product.

Other acquired knowledge and best practice are routinely shared with Partner operators as part of ongoing joint marketing planning operations to achieve increased customer loyalty and predictable ARPU growth.

Here you will find a small sample of success stories, deliberately limited to high level. These, and dozens of others, are shared in detail with F-Secure Partners.


  • And is this just reactive, when the Operator instigates improvement activities?

    F-Secure ensure that the end customer – your customer – at the center of everything we do. We routinely undertake Mystery Shopping exercises to qualify customer experience in finding, purchasing and acquiring security-related solutions. The findings of such study are thoroughly documented and sharing with Partners.

  • Is quick growth actually possible?

    Needing to drive customers to higher priced packages while at the same time turning around sluggish security growth in their call centers, this Partner operator turned to F-Secure for advice and ideas.

    As part of their ARPU stimulus drive, they began bundling Security and Online Backup in to a single bundle with a price point 60% higher than Security alone.