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Partner story

Consistent and predictable growth for your value-added services business

We, at F-Secure, believe that services for operators and their customers are essential for future success, in which value-added services (VAS) play a key role. Integrating new services into your offering needs to be easy. For the end-user, discovering new services and taking them into use (as well as self-managing these services) should be a smooth journey. Consumers are also increasingly engaged with their own universe of user-generated content, and have a keen interest in services and apps that help them both share and protect their irreplaceable content.

New IT technologies and applications may initially resonate with a limited market of early adopters. To reach mass-market volumes, these applications must be transformed into simple services that do not demand too much of the end-user, i.e. minimizing their time spent on configuration and maintenance.

The F-Secure VAS Enabler platforms implement the consumer services model, and make selling, provisioning and delivery of additional services both consistently easy and flexible. The VAS Enabler makes it possible for you to connect the three dimensions of the consumer’s content universe: multi-service, multi-device and multi-content. By using F-Secure’s VAS Enabler platforms you will be able to predictably grow your VAS business for the mass market.

Creating a consistent customer experience


Instead of being a challenge for the customer, each new service should present itself through a very consistent set of familiar interaction patterns. All the services you offer should demonstrate a consistent user experience and common management processes by enabling your end-user to manage their services easily. With the F-Secure VAS Enabler in place, your customers will discover and access their value-added services through the launch pad widget, which can be operated using multiple devices.


The launch pad also provides a quick link to your own online end-user portal, directly from the user’s screen. The ordering and installation process is smooth and streamlined ith no need for key codes. The ordering process is intuitive and multiple services can be installed simultaneously with ease, creating a consistent customer experience.


Customizable bundling and billing

The F-Secure VAS Enabler offers a wide range of service options for your customers. You can also increase the service offering gradually over time. The platform allows the pricing of services to be set individually per service or component, or alternatively, as service bundles. It also supports ‘Freemium’ business models that utilize seeding to attract new subscribers to the service. You can decide the pricing structure individually for each service based on business and market needs.

Add services from multiple sources

With the F-Secure VAS Enabler, you can add new services quickly and cost efficiently. In addition to our most profitable VAS services, like security and storage, you can use the launch pad on the consumer’s screen to promote and launch virtually any other type of service. Whatever you can bill, you can sell through the launch pad. The services support multiple client platforms such as PCs, Macs, netbooks and smartphones, and even new types of connected devices like set-top boxes or televisions. New services can also be ‘pushed’ to customers, eliminating the need for the end-user to select and install the application themselves.

Many services – one integration project

In practice, the F-Secure VAS Enabler means just one platform integration project for you. With this in place, new services can simply be ‘plugged in’ without any further integration demands. This shortens the time-to-market of value-added services, and also reduces the overall cost of service delivery. All the services, regardless of where they originate, can be sold, delivered, managed and billed in the same way.

Open up new levels of subscriber data

The data our VAS Enabler provides will help you better understand the behavior of your subscriber base. You can track and follow the service installation processes, and contact customers if they need assistance. You can also activate campaign-based reporting to learn how your customers respond to marketing initiatives, including click-by-click user data as well as trend-based analysis.

A new customer communication channel

Most operators do not have a strong presence on their end-users’ screens today. Consumers are overloaded with communication options, and yet you must somehow ensure effective direct communication with your subscribers. Email and other traditional communication channels are not always the most efficient ways to do this. The F-Secure VAS Enabler opens up a totally new communication channel directly on the consumer’s screen. You can reach consumers accurately and in real-time for communication, service updates and new service offers. This also enables effective targeted communications based on consumer behavior and service usage.

The three dimensions of the user generated content universe

Our research has shown that consumers are both engaged with and concerned about their own digital content. As the amount of such content grows, consumers develop their own content universes consisting of three dimensions: multi-service, multi-device, and multi-content. The F-Secure VAS Enabler enables you to offer online storage services and apps that connect these three dimensions. You can offer multiple online storage-related services that maintain a consistent user experience across multiple devices, letting the user enjoy different types of content wherever they are.

Predictable growth in value-added services

The F-Secure VAS Enabler brings a new level of maturity and consistency to how value-added services are acquired, integrated, provided and managed. It helps you achieve a predictable increase in service take-up rates and AMPU (average margin per user) by providing fast time-to-market for a growing amount of new services. You will also see decreases in operating costs due to a consistently smooth user experience.

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