Younited Events

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F-Secure only acts as a technical platform provider for individual events. You, not F-Secure, are responsible for content that you upload, share or make public via the application.

The content that you share or make public may be accessible to a large audience. Please respect the privacy of others. Do not upload, share or make public any illegal, infringing or other prohibited content. Event-specific terms may apply. The event organizer may moderate or delete your content for the event or close down the event(s).

If you are an event organizer; i) note that you are responsible for the moderation of content as well as other responsibilities that you may be subject to under applicable laws as the entity hosting the event; ii) you must clearly indicate your identity and contact information, for example to receive complaints or requests related to content; iii) you may only process participant personal data acquired via your events in compliance with applicable privacy laws; and iv) F-Secure reserves the right to close entire events or your account if the account is used in material violation of these terms.