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Vulnerability protection

Microsoft Outlook vulnerability could allow information disclosure

Report ID: MS201311007
Date Published: 13 November 2013

Criticality: Important
Compromise Type: information-disclosure
Compromise From: remote

Affected Product/Component:

Microsoft Outlook 2007
Microsoft Outlook 2010
Microsoft Outlook 2013
Microsoft Outlook 2013 RT


A vulnerability in Microsoft Outlook could lead to information disclosure, if successfully exploited.

Detailed Description

Microsoft has issued a security update to address a vulnerability reported in Microsoft Outlook. The vulnerability was caused by improper handling of the expansion of S/MIME certificate metadata which may allow the system information to be disclosed.

This issue has been fixed by correcting the way Microsoft Outlook parses S/MIME certificates in email messages. Users are recommended to install the latest update onto their system as a protection measure against exploit attempts.

CVE Reference



Install the latest security patch for applicable system, available for download from (https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/security/bulletin/ms13-094)

Security Advisories

For a list of known vulnerabilities affecting F-Secure products and the released fixes, please refer to the Security Advisories page.