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Labs videos

FSLabs Channel


Watch demonstrations on malware infection, and listen to Mikko and Sean discussing rising threats in the security field.

For a complete list of videos, please visit FSLabs Channel on YouTube.

F-Secure's Mikko Hyppönen: Full talk from Wired 2012

Mikko talks about cyberwar and governmental cyberhacking efforts.

TED Talks


Through TED Talks, leading thinkers get the chance to share their ideas with the world.

In 2011, Mikko Hyppönen has been honored to present at the TEDGlobal and TEDx events, sharing his idea on the future of the Internet.




iPhone5 in a freezer

Testing to see what happens when you freeze an iPhone 5s.

Our thoughts on the hacking of @mat.

Wired.com's Mat Honan had his Twitter account hacked on August 3rd. We discuss the hack itself, and its implications.

Fighting viruses, defending the net

It's been 25 years since the first PC virus (Brain) hit the net, and what was once an annoyance has become a sophisticated tool for crime and espionage.

DeepGuard 5 vs. IE Zero-Day Exploit CVE-2013-3893

A brief video of F-Secure's behavioral technology (DeepGuard 5) protecting a test system from being compromised via Internet Explorer CVE-2013-3893 zero-day exploit.

F-Secure Labs Malware World Map, ASCII Edition

FSLabs real-time malware world map feed displayed w/ ASCII.

Because it looks cool.

TEDxHelsinki - Internetin tulevaisuus

Mikko Hyppönen talks about the future of the Internet... in Finnish.