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About Labs


Why independent testing?

As part of our own benchmarking procedures, F-Secure has for several years been submitting our security products for evaluation and review by independent, internationally renowned product testing organizations.

Independent product testing and comparative reviews are important to us, not only as an impartial validation of the quality and effectiveness of our products, but also as a useful benchmark for our individual product performance and competitiveness, which guides us in continuously improving our product features, detection methodologies and services.

Listed below is the most recent award or certification given to F-Secure products by an independent testing establishment in the last one year.

For a comprehensive list of awards won by F-Secure products over the years, please see our Awards page.





The AV-TEST Institute is internationally known and respected as a leading provider of independent testing and analysis for the information security and computing industries.

In antivirus product testing, this German-based organization provides a series of sophisticated, designed to evaluate, quantify and document the performance and capabilities of submitted products against an independent set of test samples and varying test scenarios. Products submitted for testing are also certified based on the results of the evaluation.

In addition to antivirus product analysis, AV-TEST also provides independent reports on investigations into threats affecting the modern computing landscape.



AV-TEST Best Protection 2013

For Corporate Users (Windows)

February, 2014
Andreas Marx, CEO AV-TEST:

"The F-Secure enterprise products have demonstrated
outstanding protection capabilities during the year 2013."

 AV-TEST’s Best Protection award is presented to the best antivirus product of the year in terms of protection against malware infections caused by current threats such as zero-day attacks, malicious websites and e-mails.



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