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Beta programs for home users


Free subscription! It's on us. 

Enroll in our Home Users Beta Programs and you can get up to six-month of product subscription for free. What's more, you get to be an influence in our award-winning products.


Benefits for beta testing participants:

  • A free six-month subscription during which you will automatically receive the latest updates for the product
  • An opportunity to influence the final product
  • Rewards for best suggestions and for active feedback




Currently active:


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Internet Security Technology Preview

Our fast and easy-to-use software keeps viruses, worms, spyware, and harmful Internet sites away from your computer. You can explore the wonders of the web without a worry.


Safe Anywhere Mac Technology Preview

Your Mac is part of your life. So naturally, you want to look after it. Mac protection is an easy way to help make sure your computer stays secure.


FS Protection

Protection for all your computers, smartphones and tablets with one simple solution. With My FS Protection, you manage the protection on your devices; you can easily make sure all of your devices are protected at all times.