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Beta programs for business users


Email And Server Security 9.20

Previously known as two separate products, Anti-virus for Windows Servers and Anti-virus for Microsoft Exchange are now coming in one package and greater than ever!


New features

Our new version of Email And Server Security brings out new features and tools for the server side protection, such as:

  • Deepguard - improved protection utilizing real-time behavioral analysis and F-Secure cloud based reputation system.
  • Browsing Protection - end users working on the terminal server can now safely browse the Web and stay protected against browser exploits and rogue websites.
  • Process exclusions - it is now possible to exclude trusted processes from real-time scanning.

and many more. Please refer to the release notes for the full listing.



Please sign up for the beta by creating an account at beta.f-secure.com:

Register for beta



Program Versions


Non-released version of our product or solution that is still in an active development phase.

Technology Preview

An early, non-released version or prototype of our product with reasonable quality. It may or may not be commercialized into a product or service.

Benefits for Beta Testing Participants

A free six-month subscription during which you will automatically receive latest updates to the product

An opportunity to influence the final product

Rewards for best suggestions and for active feedback