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Company history


Over 20 years of security

F-Secure Corporation was founded in 1988 in Helsinki, Finland under the name Data Fellows. In the beginning, our operations consisted mostly of training computer users and building customized database systems for industrial customers. However, the PC revolution soon provided an opportunity for the development of anti-virus software and we launched our first major software project (an heuristic scanner for anti-virus products) in 1991.

F-Secure has also been a front-runner in making use of the World Wide Web and as early as 1994, we were the first to establish a web-based virus information center with a comprehensive virus encyclopedia. In fact, our web site celebrated its 15th anniversary in April 2009.

F-Secure began receiving acclaim for its services within a few years of joining the IT security industry. In 1996, the F-Secure product family was awarded the Finnish Innovation Prize by the President of Finland. In the same year, we were awarded the European Commission's IT Grand Prize.

Data Fellows was renamed F-Secure in 1999, and was listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. Since then, we have been one of the fastest growing publicly listed anti-virus companies.

In 2001, F-Secure signed its first operator agreement. Operator partnerships have grown to become a cornerstone of our business, and we have pioneered the ‘Security as a Service' business model. As the global leader in the operator security service market, our award-winning solutions are available as service subscriptions through more than 200 Internet service providers and mobile operator partners around the world.

In 2008, F-Secure celebrated its 20th anniversary, a significant milestone for any IT company. We have grown from humble beginnings to become a globally recognized player in the Internet and mobile security markets. Our outstanding technological innovations in the face of constantly evolving security threats have attracted both international awards and recognition within the industry.