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Banking protection

What is Banking protection?

Banking protection is a new, additional security layer that comes with our security software. As soon as you open an online banking web site with your web browser, Banking protection activates automatically, elevating the security level of your online session. Upon activation, a flyer (see image below) is displayed at the top of the screen telling you that the Banking protection mode is now turned on. When the Banking protection mode is on, all new connections from the PC are blocked. By blocking the connections, banking trojans and other malware cannot send your private information, such as user credentials, to criminals.

When you start your banking session, Banking protection puts all other network connections on hold to keep you secure – and restores them again when the session is over. And all the while it still allows access to sites you may need while you bank. Naturally, these sites are verified safe by F-Secure.

Safe banking

How does Banking protection improve my online safety?

Banking protection works with the other security layers of F-Secure Internet Security to ensure your total online safety. With Internet Security, virus and spyware protection guards against malware, spam protection blocks phishing e-mails, and browsing protection detects harmful websites. Banking protection adds an extra layer of reassurance by guarding against attacks from new, unknown trojans that may occur during an open banking session.

Want to know more about Banking protection?

Read the Banking protection FAQ.