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Protect yourself from hackers. Vanish from trackers. And set your location to be anywhere in the world.

Freedome has the most powerful features of F-Secure's award-winning security. It's always up-to-date via the cloud. Anti-malware. Anti-spying. VPN. Peace of mind. And just one button. Freedome redefines security inside and out.

Security. Simplified.

The way we use the internet has changed we store our photos, messages and documents in the cloud and essentially live our digital lives in a cloud environment. So the way security is thought of should change as well.

Instead of meeting disparate requirements for an ever-growing, ever-fragmenting array of devices and services, why not move protection to a centralized place where it's always up-to-date, powerful and effective? This is how F-Secure Freedome works. It's the realization of our vision a radical new concept in protecting your devices, your data, and your identity.

F-Secure Freedome provides malware protection, anti-tracking service, and VPN for encrypting your connection. All in one beautiful app.